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22 > 30 AUGUST



OneX Retreat



Contact us for more information:

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A nine day experience that covers, heals and trasforms the main existential themes.

Nine participants out of ten suggest The OneX Retreat:

this unique experience has overcame all their initial expectations.

The number of participants is limited in order to guarantee the highest levels

of attention and personal care. There are no age limitis and no previous experiences are required.



The One X Retreat - Unique Experience is a real adventure, a journey, a quantum leap 

into a new dimension of being.  This experience will take you to an evolutionary leap that will trasform

your life in a very deep and radical way; the perception of yourself and the world will radically

change thanks to this experience. The rhytm of the retreat is intense: time and space will

change prospective and you will be thrown into a different space, where you will able to understand

the roots of your life and of your actual reality. Your hidden feelings will get rid to allow your dramas

and your dreams to become clear.

The One X Retreat is composed by several sessions that join humanistic and social psichology

with the spirituality, allowing you to get closer to your real being, to your essence.

You will deal with realistic, social and psychologycal dinamics, so that you will realize your behavior patterns,

your unconscious dynamics, your conditionings. At the end you will able to recognize and process all these things

to get rid your resteined emotions and to unlock your vital energy.


An energy field of awarenees will  be created during the nine days, thanks to the deep eperience of yourself and

to the personal and collective truth that the group allows to reach.

When your mental, emotional and physical barriers will crumble as dust, you will finally be ready

to see who you really are, to fly into your inner space, to enter the nothingness/everything,

the here and now space, the depth of your being.



Main explored topics


Interaction and Relationship - Sharing - Emotional healing -

Body awareness and vitality - Joy of Living -

Passion, Comunication, Openness, Truth, Sincerity -

How to face life crises - Emotions - Conflicts Resolution Strategies -

Fear and Trust - Risk and Doubt - Self-esteem and Confidence -

Self-Imagine and Identity - Silence and Meditation - Inner Peace -

Meaning of life - Awakening of Consciousness  - Emotional Intelligence.


If you work with people, thanks to the OneX Retreat you can find new ideas

and you can experience different points of view both for your professional and personal life.

The OneX Retret is no more than an intensive training about the emotional intelligence and the personal abilities.


Important questions addressed


How does self-confidence develop?

Which are my resources?

How can I use them?

How can I learn to motivate myself?

How do I face mistakes and failures?

How can I learn from my life experiences?

How can I face fears?

How can I understand what is 'correct' for me?

Who am I?

Who could I be?

What is my reality?

How can I find my inner peace?

Thanks to the answer you will find during the nine-days it will become clear where

you are now and what is really important. These answers will encourage you to do the next step!


3 steps to success

We have structured the complete OneX process into three main stages in order

to report the extraordinary clarity and intensity given by the experience into your ordinary life:

First Stage: preparation and synchrony - 4 WEEKS

Four weeks before the event you should start the preparation phase.

You will receive material to prepare yourself to the retreat and to find the right mood. 

You should do guided visualizations, a research about your life, a photografic collage, and more.

Second Stage: intensive training programme - 100 HOURS


During the retreat you will cross an intensive training programme of 10 hours per day.

All the aspects of our 'being humans' will be touch during the experience.

The unique and particular structure of this nine-day experience let the retreat to be

an intensive programmewhose effect last for several mounths.

The Unique Experience will take place in a wonderful place , where the nature

will surrond and accompany us.

Third Stage: integration and rooting - 6 WEEKS


During the integration phase you will be in contact with the selected partecipants

and you will support one each other in order to implement in the ordinary life what has happened.

With the OneX staff and community support it will be easy for you to integrate the experience in your life.

At the end of thi phase it will take place a meeting between the staff and all the partecipants.

This moment will be good to deepen the relation with the companios and to celebrate the end of the process.


Initiation Process


In our society no longer exist moments to think about our selves and we no longer have

hazing rituals that allow us to reflect about who we are and the meaning of life.

Just few tribal communities experience periods of retreat during which they can evaluate their personal

situation at different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. What once had that role, nowadays

has became just an occasion where to eat and to drink, without a particular meaning.

This misunderstanding confuse ourself and the whole society: we can't find and follow a clear

and conscious direction, we don't know who we are and where we are going!

The OneX Retreat is an initiation process, it's a valuation of our actual situation

in order to understand and set our new course of event and review our life.


The OneX Retreat encourages each participants to ask to themselves:


Who am I?


For what do I live?


What is my place in this world?


For more information write to:


Thanks to this retreat I arrived to great achivements about my self and my relation to the world. I discovered a lot of the influence on my inconscious of my parents and this was scary but also beautiful because now I have a way to understand and work on important aspects for me. there were lots of moments in which I could feel an incredible power inside me, since I had that ' vision '... I felt my self really able to be and do what I want, to do extreme changes in my life and to face life's events ad I never did before. I had also moments of fragility and instability, of course; but it was great understand that just looking at you, Apurva, in order to reconnect me with the ' here and now '. I appreciated a lot the support and the union with all the other beautiful patecipants; to share this experience with them has been really important. Sara

Between all the things that has became treasures for me there are: the topic of the ' responsability of your life ' and the magic to share and not to hold your thoughts. During the Retreat, but also now, time enlarged... I live everything in a more intensive way and I fell the days like weeks. From the evening of the ' exam ' I feel my self more focus, determined and strong! I'm really observing my self and the things around me. I face the situations in a more detached way, as if it is a show. I can recognize that mans observe me all the time; i'm surprised! I feel myself calm, in peace, full of great energy, alive and able to do everything: it's a great sensation! Thanks Apurva for your support; thanks staff for your constant and discreate presence; thanks beautiful and unique  adventure matese! I'm really happy :) Barbara

The OneX Retreat was for me an incredible experience, really unique as the retreat's title says. I fell my self as never before,

really strong, rooted, focus, with a great personal power, compassionate and clear in my will to be happy! A great thanks to everyONE!!! :D Nicola

Now that I'm at home since two weeks, I can recognize and incredible change; also the people around me can see that just looking my eyes. I feel my worth, I feel my self able to give and receive. I have lived something beautiful and I know that it's what I must look for in my life.

I learnt to be open, to expose me, to trust people and situations, to laught at me, to appreciate me more. Lots of thoughts came out during the retreat; but with them I captured also my willingness to face and resolve them. I'm grateful. Elsa

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