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Apurva Mastinu

Apurva Mastinu has led seminars, courses, retreats and trainings for 25 years. 

He is a disciple of the spiritual master Osho Rajneesh since 1986. He has studied and collaborated with some of the most respected pioneers and teachers of the human potential, humanistic therapy, positive thought, shamanism and meditation.

Apurva has worked with international companies and institutions as consultant and trainers. He leads seminars concerning self and group motivation, relationships, self-esteem, communication, results. He has created the course ‘Be Clear! Create’. He has designed and managed the SoleLuna Festival. He has been founder and co-leader of several meditation centres and communities in Italy and abroad.The most recent experience is with the SoleLuna Institute and Pangea Consulting between 1996 and 2013. Apurva is author of several meditation and trance dance music, he has written books and articles for trade magazines and he has taken part in radio and tv programmes. He has led, until today, his seminars in Italy, Germany, Slovenian, Croatia, Brazil, Thailand, U.S.A, Sweden, republic of  San Marino, Portugal. He has participated as speaker and audience in hundreds of international and national conferences.

Apurva Mastinu

In over 30 years of personal research ad studies he has experienced different spiritual schools in India,  Amazonia, Brazil, Belize, Guatemala, Netherlands, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Thailand. There he met and worked with personalities belonged to the alternative and spiritual world, such as: Osho Rajneesh, Frank Natale, Veeresh Yuson, Rosita Arvigo, Anam Smith, Padrinho Valdeci (Santo Daime). Thanks to these experiences Apurva joined in his work occidental approaches with the oriental and native’s ones. This synthesis makes accessible to everyone the ancient meditation and healing practices as well as the most modern techniques in human potential and humanistic therapy.

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