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awake your own power
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14/15 April and 6/7 May



The Self-esteem course will allow you to verify the fundamental idea of yourself and, based on this idea, your way of perceiving life. This experience will let you work on the elemental influences that had repercussions on your self-confidence and sense of your value.

High self-esteem has fundamental importance to feel worthy and capable of love and success on every level.

Each of us is more important than what he dares to hope, aside from the age, the past experiences or the current valuation criteria of the self. This improvement ability can develop into ourselves if we experiment with its existence and if we make use of proven disciplines to discover and make your dormant energies work. The collective result is a stress reduction, scientifically documented and a well-visible increase in your productivity, a general improvement of the quality of your private and professional life. 




* Explore, understand and let go of old principles and behaviours that are inadequate to one's goals

* Check the profound influence of thoughts, emotions and past experiences on one's self-esteem

* Understanding and mastering the mechanisms that create stress and fear to transform them into positive energy producing forces

* Relating to authority and mutually, expertly and honestly, becoming the authority of one's life

* Be aware of one's own judgment of oneself to create new beliefs, new values ​​and raise one's self-esteem.


120-page manual plus guided view kit.

Participants will be involved in emotional awareness exercises, group and couple dynamics and practical communication exercises.

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