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Presenters Training

The Dance of Life





15 > 19 MAY 2024

Montevento (VR) - Italy

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Trance dance is a shamanic healing ritual that allows to release or transform the blocks and wounds that still limit us in everyday life. It awakens repressed or blocked vital energy, gives strength and calm presence. Dancing in a trance is one of the greatest joys of life accessible to every human being. When we dance the differences, and the various layers of identification disappear, because dance, like music, is a universal language, inherent in every human being. This ancient contemporary ritual uses dance as a meaning of connection with one's inner life and the forces of nature and life. 

The elements that make possible to reach a state of ecstatic consciousness are breath, free movement and sound. We will learn different breathing techniques and other practices designed to give us clarity and inner space.

  •  What is a state of consciousness called "Trance"?

  •  In the world of shamanism, what does "going into Trance" mean?

  •  How does it happen and why is it important?

  •  What happens to our brain and our consciousness /perception when we are in a  state of trance or deep meditation?

  •  How can we explore different realities and become more aware of who we are, beyond the possible superficial identifications?

  •  Can this experience be used in creative ways to improve the quality of our life?

"Our shaman ancestors used Trance Dance as a tool for transformation and to open up to the inner ecstasy. By freely moving the body to the beat of the percussion and breathing you will slip into an ecstatic and natural state of consciousness, expanding your perception, expanding space and time. You will dance following different rhythms awakening in your old memories and you will unlock the vital flow through the release of tensions. A strong sense of unity will pervade you and lead you back to the present time. We will make a journey through different cultures and sounds from all over the planet.''  Apurva



During the five days of Trance Dance Training, we will dance music from 7 continents of the earth, and we will immerse ourselves in different sounds and movements to awaken old memories in us.

We will experiment with different types of Trance Dance rituals, Animal Spirit, Shamanic journeys in the lower worlds, Mandalas, Soul Hunting. We will introduce you to different breathing patterns designed to generate energy and naturally alter consciousness. We will deepen the experience with videos and sharing as well as the fact that you will receive a manual to be able to continue to increase the knowledge at home.

Specific music for Trance Dance created by Apurva and other colleagues will be shared so that you can keep dancing once at home. We love to share, so this is a gift from us, and we hope that you'll use it with joy.

We will explain to you the correct use of the drum in shamanic rituals and percussion.


Apurva has conducted Trance Dance in festivals, seminars, conferences and training in many countries of different continents. Apurva has been a disciple of the spiritual master Osho Rajneesh since 1986, he studied and collaborated with some of the most famous pioneers and teachers of Human Potential, Humanistic Therapy, Positive Thinking, Shamanism and Meditation. He has participated in international and national conferences, conducted hundreds of seminars. Apurva is a teacher and researcher of the truth. In over 30 years of personal research and study he has travelled and experimented differently spiritual ways and schools of thought in India, Amazonia, Brazil, Belize, Italy, Guatemala, Holland, Germany, England, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and different other places where he met, studied and collaborated with many personalities from the alternative and spiritual world. He experimented and explored different spiritual ways and modern techniques, creating a synthesis which combines the western approach with the eastern and native one. He currently leads Retreats and Seminars in Brazil, Indonesia (Bali), Thailand, Portugal, Sweden, Germany and Italy.

Trance Dance - Apurva

Trance Dance - Apurva

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