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Instructior Training 

A Leap in a New Dimension of Life

TRAINING 2023 > 2024


Comunication, Relationship, Sexuality, Self-Esteem, Personal Clarity: five life skills that will improve your life quality if well understood. The Life Skills Training is an adventure, a leap in a new dimension of life. These experiences will guide you towards more awareness about you vitality, creativity, passion and love. The aim of the Training is to give you the instruments to improve your ability and to manage your possibilities. The Life Skills will help you finding solutions into yourself., whatever your problem, your aim, your challenge is.

The main issues discussed into Life Skills Seminars are:

  • Self- Esteem and Clarity

  • Effective and Clear Communication

  • Accuracy and Leadership

  • Ability and Creativity in Daily Challenges

  • Objectives that Become Results

  • Personal and Professional Better Quality Relationship

  • Stress Reduction, Productivity Increase

  • Personal Wellness and Heart Languages

  • Successful and Mastery

  • Deep Transformations in All the Areas of Life



Since few years Apurva organises Trainings for people interested in becoming Teacher and lead the Seminars: Relationship, Self-Esteem, Be Clear Create!

The Life Skills Training is the result of the work conducted by different true seekers. This long process, related with the research and education about the Human Potential, was born in the USA during the sixties. The work started with Frank Natale and his staff, thanks to Frank's experience as clinic director of the Phoenix House and the collaborations with greater researches as: Dederick, Rogers, Perls, Maslow, Moreno, Pilbram, Casriel and others.

During the nineties several european collaborators, including Apurva Mastinu, have continued to explore and ampliate the Life Skills Training work. Thanks to their job the matierial and the training experiences have evolved in accordance with the most modern discoverings.

The training's methodology is based on researches and trials related to the theory of Holomonic Brain,  the Rebirthing and Bonding techniques, the Childhood Therapy, the abandonament and relaxation, the Primary Therapy, the Group Therapy, the Gestalt Therapy, the Auto-Realization, the Psicodrama and the Sensory Deprivation studies. This methodology focuses on the complex brain and human behaviour world, with the aim of creating clarity in the definition and realization of people's goals. The training let people reaching a deep personal and collective transformation.

Nowaday, the quantum physics and the most recent researches about human mind and brain confirm the path marked out by these true researchers.

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