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20 qualities in an alive relationship


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 "The relationship value

resides in its strength, vitality

and dynamism,

not in its pure

and simple existence."

Frank Natale


However, often individuals cease to relate at the moment in which they define

themselves in a role (husband and wife, executive and employee). Everything and everyone that is "defined", dies at that moment; any relationality left fades away.


This course offers a close analysis of what describes an existing relationship

and an entirely individual methodology for the pursuit of positive and fulfilling relationships.


It also suggests several Applied Psychology techniques for the detection of factors

that bear negatively on our relational sphere, to ease its control.


The methodology of this teaching aims to transform the relationship experience of the participants.

The course is efficacious, effective, optimal in its content and form and offers the participants

direct and conscious learning, rather than the recollection of past experiences.


This experience will let you build sound bases to found new and more fulfilling relationships.

This course focuses on the 20 qualities that define a healthy and alive relationship.


• To be "Responsible towards the Other" instead of "Responsible for the Other"
• Responsibility and Existential Life
• Awareness of the Fact that the Thought is Creative
• Choose to Think
• Service, Support and Recognition 
• Trust and Affinity 
• Effective Communication
•Absence of Parental Authority 
• Ability to Receive
• High Self-esteem
• Honourable Sexuality
• Freedom and Dignity
• Ability to be Alone, Together
• Creativity
• Healing
• Forgiveness as the State of Conscience
• Assertiveness
• Humour and Laughter
• Relationality: no Beginning nor Ending, just Change 
• Presence of Love


You will receive a manual and a visualization kit to learn more about the subject matter at home during the week.




* Explore, understand and let go of old principles and behaviours that are inadequate to your scale of values and your goals

* Check the profound influence of thoughts, emotions and past experiences on one's relationships

* Understand and master the mechanisms that create stress and fear to transform them into positive energy producing forces

* Relate to authority and mutually, expertly and honestly, become the authority of one's life




Manual of 120 pages + guided visualisation kit.

Participants will be involved in exercises in emotional awareness, group dynamics and couples and practical communication exercises.

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It was a wonderful experience… I needed help and felt I had to take this course. It was a push that came from within, like all those that make me make my decisions: you know what I mean! So I signed up and started this journey with you. It worked 100%, so I guess it worked fine! I have returned the joy of before and the self-esteem that I have always had of myself. The course moved those emotions that had become a bit static due to situations that were a bit heavy for me: no! I'm not like that!!! Thanks to this help I felt my heart open again, joy returned inside.
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