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Seminar One X

upcoming event
28 > 30 June 2024
Montevento (VR) - Italy

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Seminar One X

This seminar explores topics related to our inner child and the wounds that still prevent us from connecting with our spontaneity, creativity, and ability to be empathetic and intimate. We will develop a new awareness of our unconscious patterns and how they are there to protect us from truly feeling what we truly feel.

As a result, we create structures and behaviors with which we mistakenly identify ourselves, which are not who we really are. The seminar provides you with access to a series of important information that can literally change your perspective on yourself and your perception of life. Additionally, we practice various techniques of emotional release aimed at freeing the pain and sorrow that we usually hold onto. Osho's active meditations, Bioenergetics, sharing, and much more make this seminar an intense and deep personal experience.

The path of the Heart is the path of COURAGE.

It is living in insecurity, living in love and trust.

It is moving into the unknown. Leaving the past behind

and allowing the present to be.

Courage is venturing onto dangerous paths.

Life is dangerous: only cowards avoid danger.

The Heart takes risks! The Heart is a gambler.

The mind is a businessman.



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Ritiro One X - Vulnerabilità
Ritiro One X - Segreto
Ritiro One X - Oltre
Ritiro One X - Avventura

One x Training



As always, a fantastic adventure, each seminar has its own why and this made me feel like a child again .. it made me understand my weaknesses, it made me understand that I can use them as strengths and these are things that I think should and we should all do them.. they really help in daily life!!! highly recommended
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