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Retreat One X 

This is a retreat of awareness and awakening of consciousness. We will have the opportunity to discover our true face. Beyond any possible misidentification.


We'll take a step back and find out how much space there is beyond any imaginary limit or separation created by our misperception of reality.


You have always been a Buddha, this is your nature, hidden behind the illusoriness in which we are immersed without conscience. ​


You were never born and you never died. ​


We are drops of the ocean, which for a moment

believe they are a drop, separated ...

but isn't the drop the ocean itself?

How can it be separated?


​ Who you really are? ​


Awareness of who you are cannot exist with duality,

there is no uncertainty about it. ​


Awareness of what is, always has been, and always will be.


Awareness is not dual.


The mind in all its forms or possible manifestations is dual.

The mind cannot exist outside of duality.


Just relax and take a couple of steps back…

there is space between you and your mind.


What is permanent?


What remains beyond the death of the physical body?


Who stays?


Who are you really?


You are not your thoughts, you can watch them as they flow.

You are not your breath, it happens by itself.

You are not your heartbeat, you can hear it.


Who listens?


Who watches?

Retreat One X - BEYOND
open up to the mystery

The path of the Heart is the path of COURAGE.

It is living in insecurity, living in love and trust.

It is moving into the unknown. Leaving the past behind

and allowing the present to be.

Courage is venturing onto dangerous paths.

Life is dangerous: only cowards avoid danger.

The Heart takes risks! The Heart is a gambler.

The mind is a businessman.



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One x Training

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