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Training One X History

Frank Natale
Frank Natale e Apurva Mastinu
Frank Natale

The One X Retreat was created in the United States by a group of researchers and therapists who wanted to create a process through which people could gain clarity and undergo deep transformation. The retreat provides existential answers to questions about our true nature as human beings. Thousands of people from different countries have successfully participated in the retreat for over 30 years. Initially created and presented by Frank Natale, the One X Retreat has had a profound impact on the lives of its participants. There are people who have participated in the One X Retreat multiple times because the effectiveness of the results achieved and the inner clarity obtained have far exceeded the initial expectations of every participant.


Over the past few decades, thanks to the contribution of many therapists trained by Frank Natale, Natale himself, and the experience of hundreds of participants, The One Experience TNI has evolved into the One X Retreat, absorbing and integrating new discoveries and research in the field of human potential, humanistic therapy, meditation, and awakening developed in recent decades.


History of Training ONE X development in Europe through TNI The Natale Institute

In Italy and Germany, One X retreats have been held since 1990. From 1990 to 1994/5, the American therapist and teacher Frank Natale led the nine-day One X retreat, then called "The ONE Experience." The retreat was promoted and organized in Italy by Apurva Mastinu and Shaida













Cartellà, responsible for the Italian branch of the TNI, and other collaborators, and in Germany by Markus Klepper, responsible for the German branch of the TNI. Apurva, Shaida, Markus, and others, in addition to being the main organizers of this experience in Europe, became co-trainers with Frank Natale of all the courses and seminars offered in addition to The One Experience retreat, contributing to the creation and development of such seminars and retreats.


In 1994/5, Frank Natale handed over the management to his assistants in Italy and Germany. Apurva led the training of new instructors until his separation from TNI in the summer of 1996. From 1996-1999, he continued his training at the Soleluna Institute and Pangea Consulting. In 2000 and 2001, in agreement with Frank Natale, Apurva, along with a team of assistants, led the further development of the nine-day structure, developing a new format called the One X Retreat. There were intense, touching, and profound sharing and advice calls between Frank and Apurva to see where further corrections could be made to a process that was already so deep and intense. All this happened with the awareness that Frank had chosen to leave his body on his birthday and that there would be no other opportunity to have such a deep conversation with him in person. 

Soon Frank would leave his body in the Hawaiian Islands, as announced, on his birthday, June 21st.

Training One X - A New Beginning


The new format, called Training One X, takes some elements from the original "The ONE Experience" and expands them to include current elements, experiences, and results of research












on the brain, as well as a positive resources and solutions-oriented approach to psychotherapy, inner inquiry, meditation, and self-recognition. It develops into a more extensive journey that touches and delves into different topics related to all of our lives. It consists of the Initiation seminar, the Vulnerability seminar, the One X Retreat - Secret, based on the original retreat designed by Frank Natale, and the One X Retreat - Beyond, where we heal and clarify certain issues and move to a different experiential level, moving from therapy to meditation. We begin to delve into existential and spiritual aspects. The One X training is completed by the One X Adventure retreat, designed to take us to places where we can learn new truths that are otherwise not available where we live.


Apurva has led dozens of editions of the One X Training over the years.

He is supported by an experienced and capable team. Apurva has led the One Experience Retreat with Frank Natale, from whom he was certified and trained, and personally guided this process in its original format for many years. Apurva was a personal assistant and close friend for many years of Frank Natale and Jason Natale, with whom he traveled around the world for many years. He inherited Natale's work directly from Frank upon his passing and, along with others,

has kept his work alive.

In addition to Apurva, there are currently other therapists and teachers in different countries who continue to present the courses and retreats created by Frank Natale with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Apurva Mastinu
Apurva Mastinu
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