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Rites of Passage 

The Thirteen Passages of Physical and Spiritual Transformation
October 10th > 13th 2024 - Verona (Italy)

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We live in a time of multiple careers and cellular phones. The practice of taking a spiritual break from our daily life has become almost non existent. rather than living spiritually we have became a culture that is spiritual maybe half an hour on week end. This may be because none of our current religions have given us a real spiritual map, which genuinely reflects 

our lives.


During this retreat you will travel through the birth/death definition we call life, you will recognize yourself  at every passage because there is a plan. There is a map to follow common to all of us despite the differences. This retreat alert you to be conscious as you pass through the chaos and revelations of the thirteen rites of passage called The Circle of Life.


Absent of a reliable spiritual map there have been times when many of us have felt like victims of life and living. Our ignorance of such a map causes us to live out the illusion that life is a struggle and we instead deny our true nature and became saturated in lies. The result of our unawareness is that we remain ignorant about who we truly are, we frequently question our self and look for answer to our future. When we see The Circle of Life as a map for life and living we discover that there is purpose in our life. Everyone experiences birth, puberty, mid-life, death. We all experience these thirteen transforming rites of passage at around the same age. Some of us choose to confuse these spiritual wake-up calls for crisis, becoming victims who refuse to take responsibility for our own evolution.


The Circle of Life helps us to experience crisis as opportunity and share the wisdom and value of each of the thirteen rites of passage faced by all of us. This passage are not random events but rather a spiritual map to our higher consciousness.

The Circle of Life retreat explores and clarifies life's thirteen inevitable rites of passage.

La ruota della vita

The 4 triads of Experience

The 13 rites of passage contained within the Circle of Life evolve in a sequence of 4 triads indicate four periods of transformation we call experience.



It start with passage 1 "Birth" which takes us trought passage 2 "Coming of Age" and further through passage 3 "Separation from the Feminine" and passage 4 "Sexual Initiation".


This Triad prepares us for living life.



begins with passage 5 "The Father Quest" and takes us through passage 6 "Realization of Betrayal" and passage 7 "Mid-Birth".


This triad moves us beyond living life for the expectations of others and gives birth to our spiritual power.



begins with passage 8 "Reconnection with the Feminine" and takes us through passage 9 "Initiation into the Truth" and passage 10 "Atonement".


This Triad prepares us for Elderhood as we return to our original nature. Integrity, honesty, forgiveness and acceptance became our priorities.



begins with the passage 11 "Spiritual Eldehood" and takes us through passage 12 "Sharing Our New Wisdom" and passage 13 "Death/Birth".


This Triad prepares us for transmutation.




There are thirteen inevitable  transformations, which we all pass through in each life. When we exact wisdom and value from these thirteen rites of passage we transform and benefit from the experience rather than confuse these life transforming events for psychological problems or emotional crisis.


The wisdom realized from these passages is essential to our individual growth and the evolution of our species. When we are aware we are guaranteed life's most valuable rewards, the possibility to know who we truly are.

The absolute.


1.  BIRTH The gift of immortality and magic.

2.  COMING OF AGE A time  for preparation.

3.  SEPARATION FROM THE FEMININE A time for initiation. 

4.  SEXUAL INITIATION Passion, relationship.

5.  THE FATHER QUEST Alliance with the masculine.

6.  THE REALIZATION OF BETRAYAL The illusion of success.

7.  MID-BIRTH The birth of our spiritual power.

8.  RECONNECTION WITH THE FEMININE Reclaiming the lost pieces of self.

9.  DISCOVERING THE TRUTH Letting go of the lies.

10.  HEALING Forgiving the sins of the sun an the moon.

11.  SPIRITUAL ELDERHOOD Master/Mistress of many worlds.

12.  SHARING THE WISDOM Telling our truth.

13. DEATH Beyond duality, the final passage.


Aware or not aware these thirteen passages are inevitable, no one can escapes them. Therefore they can be planned on rather than just experienced as unconscious crisis we only survive. These thirteen transformation are the doorways to our power and spiritual evolution. 


Transformation is what being alive is.


Once the Circle of Life is understood, we seldom confuse growth for crisis. The desire and search for who and what we are is replaced with the satisfaction and realization of your true.


This retreat will transform your understanding ad it'll give the opportunity to heal and complete with the past.

 The retreat it give a clear experience of wholeness and silent.


It was an opportunity to recover things that perhaps also for many personal memories or life passages that had to be, allowed me to access something very precious. I thank you for everything you bring to the world and this will always be recognition for me. While a further thank you for allowing me to meet in another form, in another way, with a different maturity, clearly on my part, and of integration that I feel in my heart.


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