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Contemporary Shamanism


Trance Dance & Soul Hunting Seminar

15 > 17 November 2024

Monte Vento (VR) - Italy


6 > 8 December 2024

Lisbon - Portugal


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If you love dancing, then shamanism is an experience that you shouldn't miss in any way! Trance dance is a shamanic healing ritual that allows you to release or transform blockages and wounds that still limit us in everyday life. It awakens the repressed or blocked vital energy, gives strength and calm presence. Dancing in a trance state is one of the greatest joys of life accessible to every human being. When we dance the differences, and the various layers of identification disappear because dance, like music, is a universal language, inherent in every human being. This ancient contemporary ritual uses dance as a medium of connection with one's inner life and the forces of nature and life. The elements that allow us to reach an ecstatic state

of consciousness are breath, free movement and sound


 We will learn different breathing techniques and other practices designed to give us clarity and inner space.

What is a state of consciousness called "Trance"?

 In the world of shamanism, what does "going to Trance" mean?

 How does it happen and why is it important?

 What happens to our brain and our consciousness /perception

when are we in a state of trance or deep meditation?

 How can we explore different realities and become more aware

of who we are, beyond the possible superficial identifications?

 Can this experience be used in creative ways to improve the quality of our life?



"Our shaman ancestors used Trance Dance as a tool of transformation and to open up to inner ecstasy. Moving the body freely to the rhythm of the percussions and breathing, you will slip into a state of ecstatic and natural consciousness, expanding your perception, expanding space and time.You will dance according to different rhythms, awakening old memories in you and unlocking the vital flow by melting of tensions. A strong sense of unity will fill you and lead you back at present.

We will travel through different cultures and sounds of the whole planet." APURVA



We will deepen the use of other shamanic practices such as the Hunt for the soul and reconnecting with one's Animal Spirit, Shamanic Journey and Meditation. The result is a deep feeling of relaxation and rooting. Calm and presence.



This ancient shamanic method has immediate value, an efficacy in transforming and healing many emotional traumas of the life of each of us. This method can process any trauma, major or less. Cultural or religious difference is irrelevant for these traumatic experience that deeply embedded in us; that's why we find this practice in many cultures around the world. Soul loss creates emotional and psychological distress. We have doctors for the body, for the heart and the mind but we have not yet identified valid and straightforward methods to heal our inner spirit when it is afflicted, alienated.

In these cultures, this particular aspect of a spiritual illness is dealt with by the practice of soul hunting or also called "soul return", that is to say to us or to return to us what we call "parts of the soul".

Trance Dance & Soul Hunting Apurva Mastinu

Trance Dance & Soul Hunting Apurva Mastinu

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Trance Dance & Caccia all'anima 2018 HD 720p 2

Trance Dance & Caccia all'anima 2018 HD 720p 2

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Roberto - Soul Hunting Ritual

First of all thank you for the meeting, participating in the soul hunt was instructive and your words were definitely enlightening. Having that vision of the wolf and then hearing your explanation shook me a lot. If the wolf is my spirit animal, I feel I have never listened to it in my life, except in the early years up to adolescence. When I abandon something it's not out of laziness or lack of will, but because a "something" inside me triggers that tells me that this is not my place, that it's not what I really should be doing, and after soul hunting I began to think that it is my "inner wolf" who tells me all this, who wants to push me to indulge his nature.