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Retreat One X 

In antiquity, the purpose of traveling away from the places where one lived, almost always, it had to do with going to learn or discover new information or experience that one otherwise would not have learned.

The journey represented a possibility of inner transformation, new horizons, tastes, smells and colors that enriched the luggage of the traveler.

We went to India and everywhere in the past decades, to rediscover spirituality, otherwise lost, in the West, after centuries of obscurantism.

There are areas and cultures on the planet that have a lot to teach us.

I studied for almost ten years in the forests of Belize, in Central America, healing plants and spiritual paths of the Mayan peoples.

I've been to the Andes or the Amazon jungle

to be able to understand myself more and lost contact with nature.

I sat meditating in India at the feet of Illuminati masters or in Buddhist temples in Thailand with monks.

The world that goes East, from Turkey to the Caucasus it is full of mysticism. There are those who are still  able to listen the whispers of the wind...

Travelling to transform yourself, travelling to learn,
travelling to open up and fall in love with life,
travelling to discover who we really are.

Life is a journey, a beautiful adventure.

Ritiro OneX - Avventura

The World is my Home

Ritiro ONE X-I initation
Ritiro One X - Vulnerabilità
Ritiro OneX - Segreto
Ritiro One X - Oltre
Ritiro OneX - Avventura

One x Training

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