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Brasil - Bahia - Maraù Penisula


Bahia Retreat is a unique opportunity to bring you into a new perception of the yourself and the inner life.

This journey allows us to come closer to nature, spontaneity and innocence. Shamanism and meditation help to get back in touch with our naturalness and the mystery of life. The natural environment in which we will be immersed, the ocean, the iodine-rich air and the Atlantic Mata will be essential elements for the kind of experience that we're going to live. Meditation, silence and listening will allow us to live an experience of transformation, purification and profound regeneration.


Simple and effective rituals will allow us to get in touch with the multidimensionality of our being, beyond time and space. We will deal with exercises for human lab body, bioenergetics, trance dance, soul hunt, shamanic journeys, initiation rituals, animal spirit, purification and deep meditation. We will dance under the stars, and we will live the magic and the evocative strength of Afro-Brazilian rituals such as the Condomblè and the ritual of the Yagè, a ritual coming from the Amazon forest.


Apurva will lead the Bahia Retreat and will be assisted by interventions of different native shamans/healers.

The retreat has been for years the goal of real researchers and people interested in shamanism and well-being. We are speaking about a retreat not based on any religious, cultural or spiritual group. It's the final result of long research and experimentation by an international group of truth seekers.


During the retreat the participants will have the opportunity to be introduced to universally recognised methods used for penetrating the world of non-ordinary realities. We will experience shamanic journeys induced by the sound of the drum and other ways in order to enter an altered state of consciousness and thus awaken otherwise dormant spiritual qualities, such as intuition or connection with nature. Participants that join this experience will learn how the shamanic journey is used to generate clarity, personal power and health, and how everything this can be integrated into today's life.


In the world of the shaman, there are different natural methods and not to induce alteration of consciousness. Our methods include sounds of the repetitive drum, particular breathing patterns, postures and more. In an altered state of consciousness (alpha waves) we can see and hear by accessing clarity and perceptions that are otherwise inaccessible. We will use the ancient ritual of soul hunting - psychopomp - with which we will heal the traumas of the past that still influence and limit us today. From a shamanic point of view, when we live an injury, a part of our vitality leaves us with consequences in everyday life.


We will meet our animal spirit, we will dance different types of trance dance, under the stars, by the ocean, we will honour Jimanjia. From the night of the times, shamans or medicine women have worked with the spirits of nature to heal, survive and learn. We are going to learn from plants, animals, wind and stars.


Shamans have helped their communities to produce a better quality of life. During the retreat, you will deeply regenerate, and you will re-sensitise yourself with nature and with yourself. Through the use of shamanic practices, you can learn to create and maintain inner harmony within yourself and with nature. Different meditations, energy transmission, sharing sessions and conscious breathing will complement the program. A specific part of the retreat program is dedicated to body care: we will use different techniques to get back into physical form a series of particular treatments will be available.

This is one of the most powerful purification and inner exploration rituals that you can find in the shamanism of South America. Originally from the Amazon forest and the Andes, it includes the use of 2 mixed plants designed to sensitise the perception, clean and purify the body deeply.


In preparation for the ritual, we will develop a planned diet, that everybody will follow especially for the ceremony. The ritual will take place in the Borboleta property near Serra Grande, by Silvia Matos with whom Apurva has been collaborating for years. Silvia is a teacher who for years has lived in the forest after abandoning teaching.


Every day thousands of people experience this "ancient natural medicine" with positive effects in Brazil where it has been legal and recognised by the Brazilian federal authorities for many years. Thousands of people practice this ritual throughout Brazil.


In the evening, there will be a ritual celebrated with songs and dances. The ceremony will be accompanied by live music and specialised staff, which will come for the occasion from inland regions of Brazil. After the ritual, there will be the usual refreshments and an opportunity to share the experience. This ritual has been practised for hundreds of years and various Brazilan, and non-Brazilian religious cults use it. A deep physical cleansing will leave you bright and light. The view, hearing, skin colour and a feeling of greater connection to nature will improve.

The aim is to re-establish our contact with our spiritual heritage and our capacities to transform and to improve our life and our awareness. Because of the dogmatic religious repression, we had lost all these kinds of stuff, in the West, over the centuries. The seminars and retreats, teach the participants effective and safe methods.



This program may not happen.
Born from the union of populations from Africa and the indigenous natives of the forest, united by slavery in the dark ages of Brazilian history, this cult, was banned for a long time. Still, today is the object of prejudice, does not follow dogmas or moral principles, such as it happens for the major European or Asian religious institutions, nor does it rely on doctrines. Of all the cults imported from Africa, from the Nago, Yoruba and Jeje populations, the Condomblè is the most orthodox.

 Condomblè is an African word which designates a dance in honour of the Gods, and it is the term used in Bahia to indicate this cult. According to the Condomblè, each person has a spirit of his own for the rest of his life of care and protection, called Orixà. An Orixà's person is identified by a Maè or Pai do Santo, thanks to a specific ritual. Like the gods of classical mythology, each Orixà has its personality and its personal history. The ceremony can occupy the whole evening and will be guided by a Mae do Santo and her staff. The state of Bahia and the island of Cuba are the areas where these types of cults coming from Africa are more rooted in the population in the Americas. Forms of syncretism were born over time, which led to the identification of the Orixàs by practitioners, also with the names of Christian saints, as in the past it was forbidden to freely and freely practice the Condomblè. As with many other forms of spirituality in the new world, they were wearing masks with the names of Christian religious figures. Also in this case, as for the Yagè, it is advisable to dress in white and light clothes. We will experience the ritual in an environment of sincere respect and communion with friends who will come on purpose from a village near the site of the shamanic retreat.

The daily program: start of activities at 10.00 with the Human Lab Body exercises led by Arnava. the next session is always around 17.00, this allows you to have enough free time to enjoy a regenerating holiday.
Accommodation in comfortable double rooms with air conditioning, (on single request). Full board, use of the structure(pool, tennis, billiards, beach, canoe when present).





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Ritiro Bahia 2014

Ritiro Bahia 2014

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Salvador de Bahia

Meet at Salvador de Bahia Airport and trasfer to hotel.

Rest and time to visit the ancient capital, full of history .

We could experiment the Condomblè Ritual, an afro-brasilian cult. We will know Jimanjia and the Orixas. 

We will go the Pelourinho neighborhood and  we wiil have the opportunity to visit some of the 365 colonial churches of the city.. We wiil see lots of artists and Capoeira groups into Pelourinho neighborhood.;Salavador is the capital of art, music and carnival in Brazil.

Serra Grande

We will fly from Salavador to Ileheus, in the south part of Bahia's State. Here we will stay in a hotel near the sea, with a beautifl beaches. From there we will move into Silvia's propetry. She will introduce us into the Yagè , a traditional  ritual of the Amazon. We will experiment this 'jungle medicine' into a  perfect site for that..  Then we will pass some days at the seaside to integrate the experience.

Peninsula de Marau'