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Our body is a product of sex. It is the behaviour through which we were created. Honourable sexuality is a natural and profound experience of communication, the most respectful way through which we can share our passion and our love with the people we love. Honourable sexuality is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and those we love.

Sex in its best expression is joy, well-being, pleasure and celebration. With orgasm we transcend the body and even the mind, as an energetic factor, rather than a physical and biological one: it is a metaphysical also, spiritual phenomenon.

The honourable sex consists of knowing oneself more deeply, finding oneself through the partner, being able to create intimacy, trust and relaxation.


This is one of the most potent and exciting groups offered by Apurva Mastinu: It is a weekend "Marathon", which translates into an intense and exciting experience, full of activities. Sleeping less than we usually do in everyday life will maximise our experience: this will allow us to let ourselves go more and it will be easier to open up and relax. In this condition we will feel more available and open, which will help us to achieve a new awareness about ourselves, we will explore our sexuality from three different points of view: Anatomical, Psychological and Art & Skill.


The seminar will leave you clear, firmly rooted in the body and at the maximum of your energy. We will go beyond our mental and physical limits, we will heal emotionally and learn to dissolve negative emotions and stress by turning them into positive emotions.

In this inner space, it is easier to meet other human beings: creating joy, intimacy, friendship and harmony become spontaneous and straightforward.

You will be given a manual to learn more about the experience and a kit of visualisations at home.


Participating only in the first part or both meetings is possible. In the second seminar, we will deepen the arts and qualify as the Tantra and other ancient forms of experimentation of human sexual energy. Knowing yourself is crucial and essential to creating healthily and gay sexuality.

The intensive will approach sexuality from three different points of view:


  • Anatomical: you will be allowed to learn the knowledge needed to relax and support yourself, to know how our body is made, to go beyond the general ignorance that limits us

  • Psychological: you will explore your thoughts, your fears, your beliefs, your attitudes and the conditionings received in this area, intending to eliminate old and outdated behaviours that prevent you from having ecstatic sexual experiences. Ecstatic experiences will take you beyond your biological concept of sexuality and allow you to perceive your sexual experience as a way of transformation and expansion.

  • Art and Ability: the basic methods, techniques and skills in the art of sexuality will be shared with you. The teachings derive both from ancient traditions and from contemporary discoveries in the field of human sexuality.The most important skill you will learn will be the practical and honourable communication of your sexual energy, in addition to the ability to enter into intimacy. 

​Simple methods to create Honorable Sexuality:


  • Choose to love honourably instead of choosing to be "righ".

  • Communicate and heal quickly after any quarrel or failed communication

  • Create opportunities to communicate your love

  • Create a channel to improve each other, allowing the love to flow

  • Don’t hold back from saying and don't expect sex to work

  • Keep the passion alive by regularly communicating and resolving all the anger and repressed pain

  • Give your partner a hug, a caress or a kiss at least three times a day, just enough to recognise it and awaken the sexual energy between you

  • Every day you spend some time expressing gratitude with a gift, a message, a phone call



  • Explore, understand and let go of old principles and behaviours that are inadequate to one's scale of values

  • Check the profound influence of thoughts, emotions and past experiences in our sexuality

  • Be aware of your own judgment of yourself to create new beliefs and new values

  • Experience the disappearance of distance and to demonstrate, giving way to the emergence of playfulness, innocence and spontaneity

  • Get to know your body and understand its functions so you can break down the lack of knowledge.


60 pages manual + guided visualisation kit.​​

Participants will be involved in emotional release,emotional awareness exercises, group and couple dynamics, practical communication exercises, bioenergetics and creativity.


During this seminar we will discover the tantra ancient spiritual way. We'll explore the different inner polarities, the subtle bodies, the chakra's functions and we'll be opened to new feelings.  The results will be deep relaxation, opening, presence and inner peace. We will use several trantric techniques accessible to anyone.

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