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Island of PhanganThailand


The Kho Sanuki Retreat will bring you Regeneration, Transformation, Awareness, Meditation


The purpose of the Retreat is to realise who we are, our true nature, conscience, absolute. Our nature is one of the Buddha.The difference between people and the Buddha, Mahavir, Meera, Osho, it is that they knew who they were beyond any possible mis-identification. This awareness makes a differenceRegularly we almost always nurture the materialistic aspect of life by not feeding and giving space to our inner reality, to awareness.


The purpose of the withdrawal is to become aware of our true nature and also to relax deeply, rest and regenerate. You will experience all of this thanks to a specific program based on the body and on the relaxation of the nervous system, vacation, wellness and particular meditations in addition to the use of dance and other types of meditation techniques. 


You will receive an individual Osteopathy session to re balance your posture and your body. You will participate in individual and group sessions and excursions on the island, by boat and jungle walk conducted by Apurva who will be assisted by Dr. Arnava Faletti, Personal Trainer and Osteopath, who will follow accurately the part dedicated to the body. The rest of the day will be free: beach, sea, pool, good food and sun. 


Day after day you will slip into a space of silence and fullness, feeling regenerated and relaxed, joyful and rooted. You will be so ready to enter into depth, into states of no-mind and deep meditation in which your perception of reality will turn into a silent expansion. We will meditate with Buddhist monks in their temple. We will visit several Buddhist temples, walk to the silent waterfalls. Snorkelling it is another activity to explore together.



Who are you?

The awareness of who you are cannot exist with duality, there is no uncertainty in this regard.

Awareness of what has always been and always will be.

Awareness is not dual.

The mind in all its forms or possible manifestations is dual.

The mind cannot exist outside of duality.

Just relax also, take a couple of steps back, there is space between you and your mind.

What is permanent?
What remains beyond the death of the physical body?
Who stays?

Who are you?

You are not your thoughts; you can observe them as they flow

You're not your breath; it happens by itself

you are not your heartbeat; you can listen to it ...
Who listens?

Who's watching?



On Koh Phangan, everything speaks a different language ... kindness, care, rooting and awareness has become the keywords. On this island, I recognised the power of words .. what we think and how we say it turns into a matter and it is incredible to test how true this is. The energy exchange that I shared in those days was unique... my gaze was amazed in every moment I spent there .. and the perception of time increased gradually that flowed fluid, generous and respectful. A hug became nourishment, and a look turned into an exploration of the soul .. delicate and never intrusive.

The ship's doctor, Arnava, then took me to the body. With him, I discovered the power of some simple exercises that every morning .. since then, they are my awakening exercises and My precious tool to walk on this world ... If you ask me what I took home from this trip I would say .. myself :-)

The most significant effort is to recognise that we are unique and perfect as we are ...and the most relevant job is to accept ourselves as we are. An awareness retreat like the one made with Apurva can give a concrete twist to the journey of our life. It can be a beginning ... it can be a continuation or an enrichment, but it certainly cannot slip on us like dewdrops. It sticks to you. You feel it and perceive it at every moment ... and it doesn't end with the end of the retreat ... it works inside you. Sometimes, subtly, other times invests you like a tornado. I feel lucky and honoured for the meetings I have had, and it is with unconditional love that I thank every being that has shared this journey with me ... among coconuts, flowers, trees, sand, sea, pad-thai, climbs and descents .. tears and smiles.

Thank you


Hi Apurva, what a joy to hear from you! 
My life, after the retreat, has changed radically, my attitude towards life has changed, and I have relaxed more, so things started to go differently. It is true that we are creating our future: for years I had only focused on work and something else. As soon as I changed my attitude, everything appeared consequently. For this reason, I have to thank you too, because, with your words and your incredible energy, you have been able to move my will and help me to change perspective.

Thank you very much for having thought about me and invited me to this fantastic experience!

A warm hug and see you soon.


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