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“The purpose of traveling is to find what is not available where we normally live.”


Do you want to open up to a new world?
To deeply regenerate your energy?
You feel like it's time to do something different
and unforgettable?
The Khmer Retreat is the perfect opportunity to discover the wonders of a distant land, fill your eyes with the colors of Asia, breathe in a sincere spirituality and reconnect to your natural rhythm.
Our journey begins from Cambodia - which we will reach by plane after a regenerating night in Bangkok (Thailand) - where we will visit Angkor Wat, one of the most incredible and evocative places on the planet, with its temples immersed
in uncontaminated nature and the ancient ruins now reconquered from the Jungle.
We will encounter Cambodian culture, its dances, its colors, flavors and sounds.
We will fill up on spirituality and meditate in highly energetic places.
We will then move to Koh Samui, one of the southern islands of Thailand,
where nature, the sea and relaxation will accompany us deep inside us.
Here we will meditate with the monks, visit a wonderful protected marine area
and treat ourselves to a day of relaxation in the typical Thai massage centres.
During the retreat we will do various meditation practices and awareness,
bodywork sessions and emotions awareness.
We will practice presence and observation, so as to regenerate ourselves deeply.
We will stay in 5-star hotels, in luxurious villas directly on the beach
and equipped with all comforts. Private transportations for our exclusive use will
take us to the various excursions and visits.
We will have a private chef directly from Italy and the support
of experts teachers for meditation practices and other activities.
Don't miss this opportunity to regenerate yourself, discover a new part of yourself
and enjoy a significantly transformative experience!

The Khmer Retreat will give you

Regeneration, Transformation,

Mindfulness and Meditation ​


A retreat, an adventure, a journey outside and inside you!

​ Limited places available!
Write to us now for information and reservations at


Ritiro Sanuk fotobook 2023

Ritiro Sanuk fotobook 2023

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