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explore your emotions

This is one of the most powerful and intense seminars offered by Apurva.

This type of structure originates from the great community of Phoenix House in New York in the United States when Frank Natale, Vincent Marino and then Danny Yuson (Veeresh) were clinical directors and the recovery process.

In the following years, thanks to the leadership of Osho with Veeresh, in Poona, India, in the seventies, the current structure originally defined as AUM marathon (A awareness - understanding. M meditation - meditation). Of the hundreds of aum marathons have been made around the world led by Veeresh and his assistants. In Italy, Apurva was part of a series of meditation and humanistic therapy communities offering the Veeresh aum marathons. He joined his Italian staff for many years. Apurva has participated in countless marathons with Veeresh and the staff of humanities of the time, in Holland, Germany and in Italy for over a decade under the guidance of Veeresh. It is a certified aum leader directly from Veeresh.


The type of approach that is used in this type of structure is innovative and influential from every point of view, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Thousands of people in the world Benefited from this kind of experience.

During this type of experience, sleep is less than we usually do in everyday life.
 This experience allows creating a system that will help us drop the common barriers we use to not feel, open up and

get in touch with our emotions.

We will maximise your experience: this will allow us to let ourselves go more, and it will be easier to open up and relax. In this condition, we will feel more available and open, which will help us to achieve more awareness about ourselves, our emotions and human relationships.


The seminar will leave you clear, firmly rooted in the body and at the top of your energy.

We will go beyond our mental and physical limits, we will heal emotionally, and we will learn to dissolve negative emotions and stress, transforming them into positive emotions and creativity. In this inner space, it is easier to meet other human beings: creating joy, intimacy, friendship and harmony becomes spontaneous and straightforward. We will use different group and individual techniques with proven success, such as:


Aum meditation

Emotional release sessions


 Osho active meditation


 Communication and relationship exercises



 Restrained thoughts


Information on emotions

Couple and group dynamics

Walk in nature



During this seminar, you will have the opportunity to open up and experience intimacy and friendship in a totally new way.  We will go beyond the normal limits of time and space, merging into a feeling of unity with the participants and with existence. You will experience a reawakening of vitality and presence that will allow you to experience new inner spaces, energy, strong rooting, loose body and free from tension.

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