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be clear


how to active and express your creativity




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This seminar is aimed at people who want to know better them-selves, their mind, their own dynamics and who want to change radically things in theri private and professional life.

One complete day will be dedicate to understand how the reality works from a scientific oint of view, differently from what we used to belive. We will understand how to use our mind and our brain, as awareness' instruments to create the reality. We will capture what thoughts are and thei power on our life and creativity. .

We will create a list made by 10 objectives, that will allow us to focus the attention and the energies in order to optimize our resorces to create our clear objectives.

We will use effective techniques and visualizations.

From 25 years Apurva leads training seminars and courses to create a better life quality, both private and professional.  he has collaborated with companies and institutions in Italy and abroad and with thousand of people.

Here the main companies with which Apurva has collaborated in the last years.

Soleluna sas - Torino

Studio commercialisti Chieri (TO)

Regione Piemonte - Formazione Imprenditori

Provincia di Torino - Formazione Imprenditori

Corsi Formazione Imprenditori - Iso Roma

Corpo & Anima Benessere - Torino

Winter Park Fitnees - Area Benessere - Torino

Ankhe Studio Architetti Torino

Hotel Naturapura - Bahia Brasile

GF spa - Cittadella (VI)

Kimberly & Clark spa - USA - Italia

ISO srl Grugliasco (TO)

Laboratorio e Movimento sas Torino

Quanthink srl - Milano

Holst Italia - Mialno - Montecarlo

Alchimia SNC - Chieri (TO)

Pangea srl Consulting - Torino

Parrucchieri Ass. Brescia

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